Monday, October 29, 2007

Another "Hero of Conscience!"

Congratulations to the man who calls himself Diagoras, for jumping off the sinking ship that is the 9/11 "truth" movement. I know exactly where you're coming from, my friend. Some excerpts:

Eventually, however, I decided I couldn't only read conspiracy theorists anymore. I had to at least look at the claims of the opposition in detail, to see if I could refute their arguments and to see if maybe possibly I might be mistaken. Before that I was afraid of doing that, fearing that I might be sucked into being a government dupe again.

Same here. As mentioned earlier on this blog, the main aspect of 9/11 Truth that always did it for me was the fact that no one seemed to challenge the conspiracy theories, and those who did were only relying upon personal attacks. Or, so it seemed.

I've been pondering why I never sought out the opposition's claims, but I couldn't organize it into a logical thought like you have. I was afraid! Being a trustful person(and perhaps naive, at times), I've always felt I was prone to accepting things blindly as facts from people whom I felt were trustworthy sources. Now I know for sure: I was afraid of being "sucked into being a government dupe again," in your words.

When I looked carefully at the conspiracy debunking sites, they made a lot of sense. I couldn't refute their arguments after all. And it seemed so much more plausible, once I actually saw that the "holes" in the official story weren't what I thought they were. Looking back, it seems absolutely crazy that I could have bought it hook, line and sinker like I did. I try to be skeptical and to not let my emotions get in the way of analyzing the facts wherever possible, but apparently I failed at that. Luckily I got better and with a dose of rationality I've been cured of the conspiracy delusion.

I went through a very similar process, myself. Doesn't it annoy you how the truthers are now claiming that you're some type of disinfo agent, or that you formulate your opinion based solely on movies?

What also helped was quitting pot. I don't know if the same goes for you, but my personal observation is that most truthers are total potheads. A different breed than your typical pothead-- they can remain somewhat coherent and actually engage in activity if compelled enough. They think that they have a rare ability to work through their highs, and in some cases it's true. Unfortunately for them, they neglect to realize the effects that chronic pot-smoking has on reasoning, critical thinking, and outright paranoid delusions.

All in all, kudos, Diagoras. Ex-Truther is not just about Mikey Metz, it's a growing phenomenon, so feel free to express your opinions here. You are more than welcome to.


patrick cm said...

i'm a victim of pot, i'm a victim of conspiracy liars, waa waa waa, nothing is my fault , i'm mickey metz

MikeyMetz said...

What exactly is my fault, then, patrick?

Anonymous said...

Take responsibility for your decisions, instead of using logical fallacies to explain why you behaved a certain way.

patrick cm said...

lol ya that's basically what i was saying.

sorry mikey but your weblog makes me very angry.

Eric said...

It seems he is taking responsibility. Whats curious is that few twoofers do take responsiblity for their actions, while others like to cast blame.

Personally I applaud Metz here for his decision to start during research beyond what Alex Jones and his ilk put up.

Anonymous said...

If you read Mikey's actual words, he says that he was afraid to think for himself and failed to be rational, and finally he got out of his delusion. Sounds like full responsibility to me. He says that getting off pot helped clear his thinking, but he doesn't blame the drugs for his problems. That makes perfect sense.

Congratulations Mikey for getting your life back on track!

patrick cm said...

Sorry, but my guess is that Mikey is gonna be a victim his whole life, because that's what he enjoys, being a victim.

ANd he didn't get out of his delusion. He just got a new delusion.

You humans have bizarre ideas of progress.

Anonymous said...

Seems like MikeyMetz is making a valid comment about why he believed 8/11 nonsense. You can abuse him all you like, it won't stop him being right.

patrick cm said...

why be self rightous?

Anonymous said...

You are a mother f__kin riot my friend. I had visited the 'Screw Loose Change' blog and read a passage about a UAlbany student that read.. "my personal observation is that most truthers are total potheads" and "Put down the bong, guys!" The latter, a response to your comments. I was surprised that the student was you. But i guess i shouldn't be. Thanks for treating me and Jenine and John and others to breakfast at Denny's, geese like two years ago.

You rule!

Anonymous said...

I had been recently speaking to a friend who was at ground zero on that fateful day. I was very eager to speak to him and tell him everything i had learned about the.. um truth etc. but was reluctant as it opened painful memories for him. Six years having passed, he has become more open to discussing his memories of what happened, and even listening to my thoughts etc.

Interestingly i felt like i had to convince him of something and came to realize that...

you know i don't know that i've come to any great realization, but let me just say that i respect him immensely and have chosen to refrain from discussing the subject, with him entirely. I think it is wise to find common ground that unites us rather than divide us. There are things, i guess they could be referred to as truths, like, warrant-less wiretapping of domestic communications or the torture and rendition of human beings etc that the folks at 'Loose' and 'ScrewLoose' might agree upon and could work towards changing. Perhaps your epiphany and my opinion share something in common. I think its great how out spoken you are. And your post "has been 'liked' over one-hundred fifty times." according to your college newspaper.

A friend.

Anonymous said...

Well I don't know about the pot/truther connection. I love the chronic and think 9/11 truthers have their head up their asses.

Anonymous said...

"Ex-Truther is not just about Mikey Metz, it's a growing phenomenon,"

Funny, but Pat Curley said the opposite a couple months ago--something about debunkers being a minority voice on the Internet.

You lot need to get your stories straight...:P

So what do you get out of this? They help pay a bit of your university fees, do they?

Scott from Oz said...

This site is great.
We have, on one side. A man is big enough to admit his own errors, who shows people the large body of scientific work for the 'standard' 9/11 story....
Then, on the other hand, we have someone who is trying to convince us that the world is controlled by stone crafting reptiles from ancient Babylon.
Nothing but hard, cold evidence on the 'standard' side, and nothing but mindless rhetoric on the 'crazed, stoned carving, ancient babylonian reptiles from outer space' side.

What i dont understand is that, if it is so clear to the 'truthers' that reptilian bush did this, if peer review papers exist showing that it is a governent plot, if all this evidence exists out there, and is readily accessibly to the public.....
Why hasnt anyone filed a class action suit.
Surely a big law firm with billions of dollars should be able to throw some research at it, class action suit involving 5000 dead americans would probably be worth quite a bit of money to them, no ?

So no one affect by the actually incident believes in thhe truthers theories enough to actually challenge the government, no law firm has yet put a class action forward, even though the 10's of billions such a class action would be actually worth to a law firm in settlements, advertising, marketing, exposure.

So why is that, why are these capitalist compaines not wanting this easy money ?
Why are the victims not wanting settlement and retribution ?

patrick cm said...

Hey scott let me respond to your totally ignorant and uniformed comment.

One one hand scott you are the first person to mention babylon which ironically is present day Iraq.

On ther other hand scott, it's kinda odd the the pope of a catholic no pagan church, is sporting symbols from pagan babylonian religious priest class.

Proof here:

Now to understand why captialistic corporations would not file a law suit in order to get money can be understood if you know how the USA economy works.

I'll try to put it in a way that might be more clear to you.

Truthers accuse the government of being behind the 9/11 attack. However it doesn't stop there, we also believe that the USA is in reality a fascist/communist country. As americans we all know how the corporations have power in government. Well Muslini described fascism as the merger of business and government. That sorta sounds like america to me personally. We also have fascist symbology on the back of the US dime and on the floor in congress.

So if what we say is true, the corporations are behind the government, and the government is behind 9/11, then they certainly would not file a law suit on themselves.

As for the victims part, there are victims who want retribution, a little more research on your part would answer this one pretty easy i bet.

If you want to accuse people of having no evidence , i suggest you find some yourself before you comment, and think of better questions. Like

Why does a human civilization decide to send robots into space at the expense of humans dieing from starvation in the streets?

Scott from Oz said...

All of this can quite easily be explained without the use of reptilian aliens though.....
Anti pagan with pagan symbols, well thats the same reason maccas dont let anyone else use the golden arches, it confuses the public, this one is 2nd grade stuff... really.
As for the retribution for the victims, my research has led me to believe that the 'truthers' are on that list, well atleast they seem atlot more annoyed at them more than the people at Popular Mechanics.

No matter how i twist this around in my head though, i find it absolutly impossible to draw a conclusion that the world is run by crazed, stone carving, catholic, ancient babylonian reptilian aliens hanging out in tents.

patrick cm said...

SOrry for being a dick in my first comment scott.

It's not really important who runs the world. I can safely say us human populations do not. The outcome of past and current civilization has not at all been beneficial to human beings, in fact quite the opposite.

It's easy to be arrogant to think that humans are the top life form, or to think that we are the most advanced human beings yet to walk the planet. When I look at all the stars in the sky, I know there is other life out there. So if that's true, then I know that humans are not the most advanced. I also know that every population throughout history has thought they were the most advanced civilization and they were all horribly wrong, so I think we are still horribly wrong today.

NOw if you also consider that we have no record or knowledge of human evolution. We don't even know how human beings were created. Our DNA also shows evidence of being tampered with in the past by advanced intelligence. Personally I don't believe a naturally advancing civilization would somehow forget or lose the record of it's own origin. But we are born into this and most just accept this is normal.

We also have a record of all native culutre that talks about ancient astronauts involvement in human history. From native american indians to new zealand maori. Also we can see how the white man has totally destroyed all these cultures and burned all the books and made a serious attempt to get ride of this knowledge.

Then we have an egyption pyramid line up perfectly to the star sirius. The egyption symbol for sirius is a obelisk, a star, and an oval. Sounds sorta like washingting dc. with the washington monument, the oval office and the pentagon.

Personally i find it hard to seperate fact from fiction when dealing with other people, with all the dis information and propaganda. So I try to base my beliefs of the symbolism i percieve.

Maybe it's crazy to believe in Aliens, personally I have witnessed a UFO growing up at a very close distance. Maybe my experience has made me a more open person to this area.

Now do I think that world is run by crazed, stone carving, catholic, ancient babylonian reptilian aliens hanging out in tents? Probably not but if it were I tell you what, I would not be suprised.

But do I think human civilization on planet earth is natural? I can't.

Wether we are run by scumbag greedy humans, or by some alien agenda, makes no difference. We really need to grow up before we kill eachother.

Good Lieutenant said...

Way to leave the 9-11 fantasy movement in the dust, Mikey.

Critical and rational thinking is good. Remember that. Troofers can't stand it.

Scott from Oz said...

I too, was quite rude... My appologies

First and foremost. My main hobby in my life is Astronomy and Astrophotography.
I full heartedly believe in aliens, i believe any other belief is arrogant on a cosmic scale, however, my take on aliens is quite a bit different, i would like to share it.
The universe is a finite age. The universe is only capable of sustaining intelligent life for a relatively brief period of time (The Matter dominant age). Earth size planets also seem to only form around 3rd+ generation stars.
Evolution must be a universal process, and there exists no evidence on earth to suggest we have evolved at a faster or slower rate when compared to an evolutionary baseline.

Therefore i draw the conclusion, that the universe is filled with countless civilisation, all at various stages of an technological revolution. But no race would be specifically 'advavce' in as much as standing out as clearly dominant. Therefore i do not believe in UFOs or alien visitors at all, the scale of operation is far to great.

What i do not understand is one sentance you said to me "The Egyptian pyramids line up perfectly with sirius"
What exactly does this mean ?
As we continue orbit the sun, as our planet continues to rotate, and as our planet chooses to have season (due to a global tilt which has most likely changed in the 5000 years in between) I dont understand how we can say that anything on earth lines up with anything celestial ?
Being a scientist i carry the mantra of the Royal Society proudly.
Nullius in Verba.

I have gone from someone who was completely for the war in Afganistan, all for the war in Iraq, to somoene completly opposed to Iraq, and left wondering about afganistan. after the attacks on your country. I was affected greatly by those terrorist attacks. And as you said, we really do need to grow up before we kill each other.
I believe that with all my heart.

patrick cm said...

i'm always against war because in a captialistic society war generates large wads of cash and therefore creates a good reason for some psychopath to generate a lot of money. like some sort of military industrial complex.

patrick cm said...

i ment a good reason for some psychopath to create a war to generate a lot of money.


How about that comet 17P/Homes steve, pretty amazing huh?

I was reading this thing how the hopi's have a prophecy involving a red sun and a blue sun, homes got bigger than the sun at one point, strange days.

Anonymous said...


The flaw in your argument is evident from this statement:

"No matter how i twist this around in my head though, i find it absolutly impossible to draw a conclusion that the world is run by crazed, stone carving, catholic, ancient babylonian reptilian aliens hanging out in tents."

You're allowing your opinion about the likelihood of a certain conclusion to influence your evaluation of the evidence. It doesn't work that way - first you observe what happened, and then you evaluate whether a proposed conclusion is possible within those parameters.

Think of it like seeing a UFO. You're pretty sure that alien ships have not visited Earth, although alien life forms almost certainly exist (I happen to agree). So if someone reports seeing a UFO, do you automatically believe that they are lying? Hopefully not, because there are alternative conclusions that do not involve alien visitors OR malicious lies.

I can appreciate your reluctance to believe the conclusions suggested by the various 9/11 CTs, but this is about the evidence. When you consider the evidence without thinking about the conclusion, you'll finally be able to objectively evaluate the evidence.

Eventually, you'll see that the official story is simply not supported by the facts. So what really happened? Who made it happen? Let's not get ahead of ourselves. All we know for sure right now is that the official story is impossible.

Justin Martell said...

My name is Mikey Metz, I like to accuse others who are doing serious work of only wanting 15 minutes of internet fame, while at the same time maintaining a masturbatory internet blog about myself. I even have a picture with a caption reading Mikey fuckin' Metz" as if I'm the "fuckin" man.

You really are a pathetic slime.

Anonymous said...

Mike, I really respect you for having the guts to share your change of heart. It says quite a bit about the "movement" when you get attacked the second you step out.

I became caught up in "movements" in college. I dont regret it because the lesson I learned was priceless. Never allow yourself to be led by people who benefit from your support. Never for a minute think that you are more informed than non-believers. And never, ever forget that you can be misled, you can be wrong, that you are fallable.

Anonymous said...

"sorry mikey but your weblog makes me very angry"

That makes me very happy fuckwad!

I do have a question for you and your butt buddy justin...

What's it like wasting your best years with yours heads stuck up each others asses???

Anonymous said...

I can see what your really saying..

1:All truthers are all on drugs.

2:I only believed the truthers because i smoked pot.

3:Politicians have your best interests at heart, & never lie or smoke pot unlike those kooky truthers.

4:Our government, corporate media & institutions all love us & take care of us & would never use drugs.

5:Pot made me do it.

I'm not gonna accuse you of being some kind of agent or something like one of those wacky pot-head truthers but Mickey i just don't believe you are for real.

I just can't see why people need to do blogs like this when the US Government has a pretty good network of people to put forward it's own defense against the truthers claims.

I'm not even 100% sure about the conspiracies surrounding 9/11 myself, because some of them are frankly very retarded,
But when i read things like this it actually makes me believe more in things like dis-info agents & a smear campaign against the truth movement just because the way you come across, the wording of your blog & what your implying.

I've also heard the truth movement is continuing to grow, so i guess more people must be smoking pot.

Anonymous said...

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