Sunday, February 3, 2008

The REVOlution Rises from the Dead!

The newest "celebrity" endorsement for Rep. Ron Paul is none other than...

KANE!!! That's right, the WWF superstar who rose from the dead after his half-brother, The Undertaker, set his parent's funeral home on fire and killed the rest of his family! Kane is the son of Paul Bearer, who had extra-marital relations with the Undertaker's mother.

Kane's adolescence also came under fire back in 2002, when it was alleged he had been drunk driving and killed friend Katie Vick in a car accident after a high school party (Most thought he was still dead, at the time). This allegation was made by none other than Triple H, as he raped Vick's dead body!

Kane is just the latest pro wrestler to endorse a Presidential candidate. "Nature Boy" Ric Flair has endorsed Mike Huckabee and Hulk Hogan supports Barrack Obama.

Now, I know that the political endorsements of fake wrestlers hold much weight to the American populace, but I'm going to have to go with fake boxer Rocky Balboa's support of John McCain!

McCain '08!!!!!


Anonymous said...

National Security ALERT!

Please take note
3 steel framed buildings "collapse" in a manner that ONLY by having tens of thousands of welds/bolts (etc... )
FAIL right on Q could this happen.

+ the FACT that the Media LIES and the administration LIES!

WE THE PEOPLE need to ask questions and DEMAND ANSWERS!

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