Thursday, January 31, 2008

Troofer Throwback Thursdays!

Welcome to the newest feature of this blog, where I revisit my days as a troofer. Week 1 features The War on Apathy: 9/11 Special. This was my YouTube show where I tried to be like my hero, Alex Jones. WARNING: Factual Errors & Heavy Parroting!

Enjoy! Harsh criticisms encouraged and expected in the comments!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

9/11 Myths Updated

Hey everyone. I just have to say I still can't believe the popularity of my blog. I've been posting once a month at best, and yet I come to see a full box of comments. I've wanted to kick this blog into high gear for a few months now, and since I've graduated college and have taken a full month off to rest and recover, it's time for the Ex-Truther to be updated DAILY! That's right, every single day I will dedicate at least a few minutes of my life to expose the "truth" movement for the fraud it is!

First off, I must give huge thanks to Mark Roberts for plugging this blog so prominently on his excellent Links for 9/11 Research. The site is one of the top debunking sites, and a must read if you haven't already (for anyone out there who found me without being linked here by Mark).

Another site which helped me out of the troof hole is 9/11 Myths, which has recently been updated with a whole new Wikipedia-esque format. There's a great new article entitled, "Cheney in charge of NORAD" which is a must-read.

I feel especially compelled to post that Cheney link because 9/11 Truth UAlbany's pamphlet spread disinformation that needs to be corrected. From the pamphlet:

In May of 2001, Dick Cheney was given command of all wargames and drills. On 9/11, 15 war games were being held. Several wargames took planes away from the East Coast to fight an imaginary invasion. This left only 8 fighters to defend the East Coast. And they fly in pairs.

I did not write the above pamphlet, but it was compiled using information from Michael Ruppert's Crossing the Rubicon. The Cheney page at 9/11 Myths goes into more detail:

Ruppert places great weight on the talk of “planning and training”, but those words occur in this context (from the above link):
Today, numerous Federal departments and agencies have programs to deal with the consequences of a potential use of a chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear weapon in the United States. Many of these Federal programs offer training, planning, and assistance to state and local governments. But to maximize their effectiveness, these efforts need to be seamlessly integrated, harmonious, and comprehensive.

So the mandate is talking about planning and training that relates to “programs to deal with the consequences of a potential use of a chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear weapon in the United States” (our emphasis). It’s disaster planning, not NORAD exercises.

Yet, all you'll hear from the truthers is "Dick Cheney ordered NORAD to stand down! Do your research."

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Iowa Caucus

Well, Huckabee and Obama are the big winners tonight. Not much of a surprise, as it was a toss-up going in, but what was surprising were the margins of victory for these two. Right now, the Huckabee win is looking like a fluke, but Obama is starting to look like the next President of the United States. Time will tell, though.

Which brings me to Ron Paul. Okay, the guy broke the 10% mark. This is somewhat impressive, but the official Ex-Truther interpretation of this is that the 4.6% lunatic fringe joined up with about 5% of the marginally less lunatic fringe. I'd say a lot of Paul supporters are closet ex-truthers and people on the fringe who thought that the 9/11 stuff was just kooky, and this looks to be the case. I'm guessing Paul will probably perform similarly in the remainder of the primaries, before he takes his money and runs.

Ya gotta admire the dedication of the Paulites, but it's just not going to translate to votes from more fair-minded, centrist voters. The American people want change, but they certainly don't want a kook who wants to ditch the Board of Education and the IRS, with the baggage of his lunatic followers who expect a lot more nuttery out of the guy.

It may work for the truthers and John Birch right-wing types, and even the kids who think he's going to legalize drugs, but as the first official results show, "10% of Americans are completely retarded," to paraphrase Kyle from South Park.

9/11 Troof = DOA; Onto Other Topics

I apologize for the lack of updates recently. I can make excuses about how I've been extremely busy, but the fact of the matter is that the 9/11 Truth Movement is all but dead. I had this feeling approaching the 6th Anniversary when I was still a truther, and I think this belief has been confirmed over the last few months. Face the facts, troofers:

-- Extremely low turnout at Ground Zero on 9/11/07
-- The 4.6% truther number in your own Zogby Poll
-- The non-event that was Loose Change: Final Cut
-- The lack of any new "evidence" brought forth by the truthers
-- Alex Jones' "doomsday" scenario not playing out
-- Plus, much more I can't name off the top of my head

Consequently, I would like to broaden the focus of this blog to other topics. I want the contents of this website to reflect the reformed opinions of a level-headed, critically thinking ex-truther. I know that my base might be small, but I would like to offer a helping hand to the few ex-truthers out there who find this page.

After losing a lot of my close friends over my defection from the troof, I found comfort in doing some reading about cults and the typical behavior present when one leaves. By covering other topics and some troofer news as well, it's my sincere hope that this blog can serve as a helpful intervention to those in the movement who are coming to their senses, but are afraid to take the next step.